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WU WISDOM: “It requires wisdom to understand wisdom; The music is nothing if the audience is deaf” Wisdom is a natural part of life that everyone will aquire with time. Some before others, but hopefully we all get to a point of great conciousness. 


Photo by Yana Bardadim
New Banksy!
 #LRG x Cookies Clothing partner to give us this Rolling Tray - 
get it here :bit.ly/1jAxm1S
Christian Lacroix for the Opéra National de Parishttp://voguefr.fr/1kJT8j4 new collaboration between the famous Parisian establishment and the french author, who signs this time the costumes for the ballet “Le Palais de Cristal” by George Balanchine, see may 10 at the Opéra Bastille.
ITS 2014 is here! And it will take you to the world of LUCID DREAMS, halfway between dream and consciousness. Be prepared: you will learn to fly, challenge your fears and get in touch with your inner self. Just be careful not to wake up. new competition field, ITS ARTWORK, dedicated to the development of artistic concepts! Read about it   http://www.itsweb.org/jsp/en/index/index.jsp

The Balcony
John Singer Sargent - circa 1879-1880

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